Types of Door Hardware for Your Home

Door handles and levers come in a variety of designs and styles. Unless you want each room to be tailored for a particular person or persons, and plan to install a variety of unique door handles throughout, you are likely to be going for a level of uniformity across the house.

It can be helpful to start by seeing your project as a whole and planning where it may be most suitable to use the same style of handles and doors. Likewise, consider where you may want a little variety, but still in a matching style, and if a bespoke door knob or handle may be needed.

Door Handle and Door Knob Styles

Here are some examples of the trendiest styles around today:

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Lever Handle on Backplate 

This classic door handle style looks great in older, traditional design schemes.   

Lever Handle on Roses 

This style of handle is simple, very versatile, and suitable for most properties. The ‘roses’ that the handle connects to, can be square or round, with designs ranging from simple to intricate, from modern to classical.  

Traditional Mortice Door Knobs 

These knobs are usually used within more traditional styles of property. A typical design of this kind of door knob is the ‘beehive’ design.  

Modern Mortice Door Knobs 

These are becoming more popular within contemporary settings, often utilizing glass or a polished finish.

Rim Knobs 

This kind of knob must be used with a rim lock and is most appropriate for more traditional and archaic property style.

What to Consider When Selecting Door Knobs and Handles

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Certain designs of knobs and handles will naturally lend themselves better to different styles of architecture and interior design. There are door hardware brands, like Baldwin Hardware, that offers an array of luxury ironmongery that you could choose from. 

In an era home, you may choose a big ornate brass back plate and curved brass handle. On the other hand, an urban loft conversion may opt for a minimalist, chrome or black handles, or bespoke handles.

Handle Shape

The shape of the handle is another essential point to consider. For example:


Door handles are more tubular with no defined edge and accompanied by curved edge back plates. Door knobs will be oval as well, and often smooth and polished.

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This style of door handle will generally be circular, while knobs will be ideally round in shape. They will be installed in front of a round backplate.


Traditional Victorian style doors may have a curved brass door handle with a large rectangular backplate. 


Modern style handles are often simple, sleek, and minimalist. They will often be in chrome or a solid colour, like bronze or black, with a small or no backplate.

Another point to consider is how you will design rooms that have a lot of doors and cupboards throughout, like the kitchen. Another example is the bedroom, where you may have different pieces of furniture, including wardrobes and drawer units, or even built-in wardrobes.

If you are using door knobs on your main doors, then you may opt to use a common style throughout and across all doors. Otherwise, choose something complementary. Then again, you may choose to create a balanced contrast, using handles that make a statement and stand out. 

Just be careful to end up with a complete mismatch, as this will ruin your overall design scheme.

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