Here are the Best Home Design Ideas That Look Expensive (but really aren’t)

Frame your flat screen

Want to really wow your guests when they come over to watch the latest must-see TV? Turn your television into a “picture” window by adding a wooden frame. You may be able to find an existing frame that fits around the television and works with your decor. If you have some basic carpentry skills (or know someone who does and who owes you a favor), your custom frame will cost only the price of a few pieces of wood, a little paint or stain, and the time it takes to Google the instructions.

Customize your closet

There are plenty of Pinterest boards dedicated to beautifying the inside of your closet, but that doesn’t do much for the bedroom if you’re stuck with drab doors. While some might first think to put a full-length mirror on the inside of the closet door, turn that idea around and hang an inexpensive, framed mirror on the outside of the door instead.Paint the frame to match the door and you have a custom look that makes a small space feel larger and ups your home’s style factor, while giving you a place to check out your own.

Make it pop with paint

It’s a tip that never goes out of style — one of the least expensive ways to get a designer look is with a fresh coat of paint. From accent walls to faux-finishes, it takes minimal skill and financial investment to completely transform a space. Research the hot colour trends of 2018, grab that bucket and brush, and in the time it takes that second coat to dry, your walls will go from wonky to “wow!”

Really nice rug

Whether your home has real hardwood floors, or you’ve become a whiz with those peel-and-stick tiles, a well-placed rug makes a space feel more finished and therefore, more expensive. With the explosion of online retailers and the less-expensive brick-and-mortar stores upping their design game, it’s become much easier to find great rugs at great prices. Play with patterns if you’ve got neutral walls, or go for a softer fabric and colour for a cozier feel.

Change out hardware

A super-simple way to give cabinets or older furniture a facelift is to simply change out the hardware. Replace pulls and handles — even hinges — to give the kitchen a fresh, more expensive look. Dated drawers can look new again with a modern handle. Also, consider changing out the faucet and sink handles for another big bang-for-your-buck upgrade.

Clear out that clutter

Clearing out the clutter from your home opens up space and allows what remains to shine on display. A minimalist vibe makes things easier to keep clean and fresh-looking. Plus, a home that has a place for everything makes it seem as if it was all part of the work of a professional design team. The best part? Of all the things you can do to give your home an upgrade, this doesn’t cost a dime. In fact, if you’ve got eBay or garage-sale skills, this is the one tip that might actually make you money.

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