Four Home Design Ideas That Looks Really Expensive

Let’s face it, to score a prime spot in the big city, you’re probably breaking the bank a bit when it comes to the monthly rent cheque or mortgage payment. If you’re living large in the penthouse, the view might be all the home decor you need. But if your home is a little lower on the condo totem pole, you might be looking for ways to get a big-ticket look on a bus ticket budget.

But with a few simple touches, you can make even a one-bedroom basement apartment look like a million bucks.

Perfect piles of pillows

Whether you’re going classic shabby chic, or want to embrace the latest trend, pillows are the perfect place to start. Many inexpensive retailers offer trendy throw pillows that can dress up a couch or bedroom. Hit the internet for retailers offering more luxe fabrics at lower prices. If you’re feeling crafty, save even more by heading to your local fabric store. Chances are there’s something awesome in the remnants bin. With a few stitches and a fluffy insert from a retailer like IKEA, you can have a custom-made creation to complement any decor.

Lovely lighting

According to, vintage lighting is poised to be a hot design trend in 2018. This is great news for thrifty shoppers. Check out your local Habitat for Humanity Restore, or other favourite resale shop, and you might luck out on high-end style at bargain basement prices. If you want a more modern look, swap out a bland builder ceiling light for something with a little more flair. A couple of pendant lights at that breakfast bar will be worthy of a spread in Better Homes and Gardens.

Raise those curtains!

It’s a simple way to add sweeping drama and elegance to any space — ditch the contractor-grade Venetian blinds for elegant curtains. Retailers like Jysk offer bold, on-trend patterns for less than $50, or scour the clearance section of higher-end sellers for a lucky find. One of the most economical ways to make the most of your space is curtain placement. When hanging drapes, place the curtain rod just below the ceiling. This adds height to a room and makes windows look larger without added costs.

Fake a floor

If you can’t afford a full bathroom remodel, you can do something about less-than-inspiring linoleum. Peel-and-stick tile products can mimic all sorts of high-end looks and the vinyl construction means they can also handle the splish and splash of the tub. Given the small square footage of the average bathroom, there’s a good chance you can give your bathroom a new look for less than the cost of dinner and a movie.

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